Compensation Plan

Midrain Royale Compensation Plan


Take the time to understand the marketing plan of of Midrain Royale. You will find out that this is one of the fairest, most generous plans ever devised.

This plan has been design not to favor only the top distributors but to favor every distributor irrespective of your rank.



These are just some of the unique benefits built into the plan.


- Your qualifying volumes are cumulative

- There are no annual registration fees

- You are automatically offered a life time membership

- No demotion:

- You are offered a website with a back office to promote and manage your business.



First step

All you have to do is join Midrain Royale as independent distributor and purchase a Global business pack (GBP) or business starter kit for a minimal cost of USD20.


Steps to success

Desire Success

You must first have the inner most desire to be successful in this life through Midrain Royale and take advantage of how Midrain Royale can benefit you, your friends,family and others around you.

Set goal Ask yourself, “How do I want my physical, emotional, and financial health to improve? Then start doing what it takes to get there



Learn about Midrain Royale compensation Plan and its product.

Sell Midrain Royale product’s to neighbors and be the first user of the products.

Start building your team

Make an initial name list of 100 people and analyze the list. Ask yourself who could benefit from the product.

Start your referral campaign. Set a goal to personally enroll at least 50 people

Commit to making at least a couple of contacts every day.


Participate in monthly seminar: Join the product and business building seminar every month ending. This seminar will give you the experience you need to become successful in your network.

Create a private seminar review program: To become successful in Midrain Royale,you must create a meeting place where you will train your team.



Get started

  1. Join by registering as an Midrain Royale Independent Distributor by purchasing a Business Entry Kit for $20
  2. Included in the Business Entry Kit is a free Access for one year to your Back Office and your Pro Replicated website.
  3. activate buy purchasing products worth 200BV. Activation can be done accumulatively or instant.




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